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What We Do

  • A Gift of Self Love

Who We Are

Orange Tree was founded on pure serendipity. Looking for a way to relieve stress and anxiety during the distress of 2020, a retired musician's soap designs inspired a pediatrician doing her residency to also learn how to make soap. With the love and support from friends, word spread faster than they could keep up. Before we knew it, we were in the soap business.

A sweet surprise - heartfelt gifts even during these trying times. Love these things - mabango!

- Nyoy Volante

The soaps helped me heal and deal with anxiety and depression, especially with everything that's going on.

- A 28yo doctor

Ang ganda daw sa balat, sabi ng angels ko.

- DJ Salonga

Cooor!! I just wanted to share that bathing with your oats soap is such a treat after a long "from" day.

- A doctor

Ooohh, the scent, I love that after ligo it's still kinda there.

- Dra. Valencia